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Counselling to support you, no matter what's going on.

Depression. Anxiety. Suicidal Thoughts. Work Issues. Home Issues. Relationship problems. Working from a value of personal autonomy and choice, let us support you by creating a safe, caring environment to work through life's difficulties, whether you're feeling depressed, anxious or looking for counselling support with other issues delivered by an experienced, qualified therapist.

Autonomy: Counselling to support you as a unique individual

Too often, we are subjected to opinions and pressures from media, peers, family and friends about how we should be living and what we should be doing. It is easy to feel bogged down by daily life or exceptional and unforeseen circumstances in life, and that's where we can help.

Here at Autonomy Counselling Services. we work from the idea that you, as the client and agent of your life, are the best suited to know what you need and want out of life. We use the person-centered method of counselling to keep you at the heart of what we do at all times and work toward a resolution of the issues that works for you.

A short story from us - Jason's story

When I was younger, I struggled in High School and my career options were severely limited by poor grades. For many years, I continued living a life that didn't make me happy, and I felt I could do nothing to help myself move on from this unacceptable set of circumstances.

Eventually, life as it was became unacceptable, I was intensely unhappy and I knew something had to change. So I had a choice to make. I could stay in the unhappy life I was living or I could take a risk on making it better, finding a life I would enjoy. I chose to take a risk and follow my own desires and not what I thought everyone else would want.

Through realising I had the power to control my life, I was able to change career, gain my Masters and become a counsellor who gets so much joy out of supporting others to make changes and overcome the roadblocks of life.

As a counsellor, I use my own life experiences to remind me that we all face difficult times in life and that it can feel like we are powerless and alone. We can help you make sense of what's going on and support you to find solutions and ways of coping that work for you.


Person-Centered Counselling: FAQ

What is it?

Person-centered Counselling is a talking therapy which believes that you, the client, are the expert on your own life. Working with a Person-Centered counsellor gives you the space and time to discuss and meet your needs in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment.

Is it for me?

This form of therapy is for you if you wish to understand your circumstances better and make an informed, positive change to your life. It can be used to help you make decisions, understand why something keeps happening, or to emotionally support you through a difficult period.

How much does it cost?

A therapy session at our Glasgow City Centre office space is £40 per session . This is payable directly to your counsellor. Advance bookings of 6 sessions or more are discounted to £35 each. Further discounts are available for those seeking work or unable to work, please contact us for more info.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Hi there! Feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as we can with the answer for you. Look forward to hearing from you.

What we can help with

Behavior support

Life experiences and necessity can sometimes leave us doing and saying things that we don't understand or that damage either us or those around us. We can help you understand why you do what you do and help you find alternative actions that are less damaging or upsetting. You're not shameful or bad, and we can help you overcome and alter the things you don't feel in control of.

Relationship issues

Personal relationships can be tough. Everyone has had to have a difficult conversation with a partner, some seemingly irrevocable difference or even betrayal that jeopardises a perfect relationship. We can support you through understanding what you want and how you can achieve it. Please note we do not bespoke Couples Counselling at the moment, and can only support individuals.

Family issues

Many people struggle with family. It can feel so complicated  at times. We can help you in expressing your feelings and support you in finding a solution that works for you and maintains the relationships that you treasure!

Mental health

In today's busy and stressful world, so many things can affect our mental health. At Autonomy Counselling, we can support you and offer a space to share feelings and thoughts that perhaps feel too difficult to share with those close to you. Let us help you to discover what works best to supports your mental well-being.


Being a parent can feel like a trap sometimes. So many magazines/parenting plans/opinions and let's not even mention the "perfect" parents and kids splattered all over social media. Parenting can be messy and tough, and sometimes we need a bit of support. Here at Autonomy Counselling Services, we can lend you a listening ear and the space to think that is all-too precious in a life that can feel far too full.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Death is a natural process of life. Anyone who lives will experience the loss of a loved one at some point and this can be a rending experience. We can support you by giving you a space to grieve and adjust to life without your loved one. 

Also, sometimes we aren't able to grieve for a loss at the time and it gets bottled up and filed away in our minds. Autonomy Counselling Services is a safe space to allow the grieving process to begin, supported, and comes to terms with your loss.


Testimonials: Some feedback we have received


"Thank you again for all your help. You were exactly the counselling I needed."

N, Glasgow

"Working with you has allowed me to understand and adjust what was going wrong in my life. I feel stronger and better-equipped."

D, Dunfermline

"I found reassurance and acceptance within these sessions and would not hesitate to recommend the service."

F, Exeter

All testimonials are real but photos and names have been anonymised


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